Vegan Cheddar Macadamia Nuts (NEW!)

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We are incredibly proud to present our next functional plant-based keto invention to the world. Vegan Cheddar Macadamia Nuts.
  • ✓ DOING KETO? SERVINGS OF 28 GRAMS/1 OUNCE WITH 19 GRAMS OF FAT, 1 NET CARB, 0 SUGAR ADDED... THE PERFECT KETO SNACK: Macadamias are the king of keto nuts. Their high fiber, healthy fat and taste makes them superior to pili nuts and other bulk nuts. No other oil is added, no sugar alcohols used here, just a dash of low-calorie allulose. And, we try not to make this too sweet - for dirty keto, clean keto, LCHF, diabetic, Atkins and everything in between, this is the snack for you.
  • ✓ SUPER-FUNCTIONAL PLANT-BASED UNSATURATED FATS - Having trouble finding delicious, functional healthy fats for you and your family's nutrition? Macadamias have an incredible 75% fat content that are heart-healthy. With our blend of ingredients this snack has healthy monounsaturated fats (with rare omega-7s), fiber, and vitamin E. The best part, you feel good and clean after eating one serving that has 19 grams of fat! ”
  • ✓ NOT BORING, NOT TOO ADDICTIVE - MACADAMIA NUTS WITH A CHEESE TWIST - These macadamias have 100% all-natural ingredients that don’t overwhelm like the strong Nacho Cheese flavor of the rest. The result - a clean taste that accentuates the high quality buttery macadamias we love. Yum! Other ingredients - sea salt, low-calorie allulose and high-protein nutritional yeast! We are cooks at heart, and make recipes that are so good from such wild ingredients, we call these snacks “wildly impossible.
  • 🌱AN HONEST, ACTUALLY-FRESH, ARTISANAL SNACK - These are made in our artisanal plant-based factory near the wild macadamia forests of Colombia. We get these macadamia nuts raw, and then they are hand-selected, dry roasted, and tossed in our special healthy cheese topping with a slight hint of sea salt. You feel good. The macadamias feel good too. No co-packing. Unlike our competitors, we only manufacture our macadamias in small batches, ensuring you won’t get an old or stale bag.
  • 🌱GLUTEN FREE, SOY FREE, VEGAN, NO PALM OIL, GMOs, SUGAR Made in a small-batch dairy-free facility, our ingredients are tested rigorously for quality control, so you can trust what's inside each bag. They are dairy-free, keto and 100% vegan. Ingredients are gluten-free, Non-GMO, zero sugar added, and wheat-free. We stand by our product and offer refunds if someone does not enjoy their experience.