Keto Nut Bar Subscription - 50 Pack (Save 33%) - ENDS JUNE 2020

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Get a Keto Combo Pack of

40-Pack of Double Chocolate Jungle KetoDose bars, filled to the brim with macadamias, keto chocolate, brazil nuts, and other no-BS ingredients, with macros that hit what you need and nutrients that nourish.

Then add one box of 10 extremely rare, limited production 55 gram Kit Kat Matcha Bars - Organic Matcha Keto White Chocolate coats a macadamia nut rich matcha and hemp keto bar. Reformulated to include 18 grams of matcha chocolate.

Receive a total of 50 bars, and for every MONTHLY subscription, whenever possible be the first to receive samples of new and upcoming products.  MONTHLY subscriptions will be sent out the first Tuesday following the order made, with a cutoff of Monday 5 PM EST for next day Tuesday orders.

To protect against melting we will stop shipping this June 30, 2020.

Yours truly,

Keto Wonka