1 Pound of Keto Bars - "Macadamia, Keto Chocolate and Brazil Nut" Flavor

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Having trouble finding delicious, functional healthy fats for you and your family's nutrition? We've created a box that ships next day via Fedex to the USA or locally in Colombia for FREE. The box comes with 9 bars of our "Macadamia, Keto Chocolate and Brazil Nut" keto bar. Shipping express from Colombia is kind of a big deal, so to SAVE shipping costs for you, we ship our keto bars, keto chocolate and subscriptions by the pound (packaging weight included).


For keto chocolate lovers this is a must! A high fat bar that fills you with

  1. the right macros (18G fat, 2 net carbs)
  2. clean, transparent ingredients
  3. delicious flavor.

Delight, relax, and indulge in a healthy keto bar packed with chocolate, macadamia nuts, and brazil nuts.

JUST 2 NET CARBS, and 0 SUGAR ADDED, this is quite possibly the PERFECT KETO BAR

We honestly can say we have not found a company that looks at ingredients the way that we do, trying to steer clear of harmful ingredients and BS to make you feel unstoppable on keto.


Each bar 18 grams of fat, 12 grams of total carbs, 2 grams of net carbs, and 5 grams of protein. 208 calories. Each bar weighs 37 grams.


Macadamias are the king of keto nuts. Their high fiber, healthy fat and taste made us choose this as the first ingredient in this bar. Adding in keto chocolate, brazil nuts, gives us the "three kings" - powerful delicious, plant-based fats.

Full ingredient list:

Macadamia nuts, sugar free chocolate (cacao, allulose), almond flour, brazil nut flour, tapioca fiber, dehydrated coconut, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, cocoa powder, cacao nibs, hemp, pea protein, yacon, monk fruit.

And, we try not to make this too sweet - for dirty keto, clean keto, LCHF, diabetic, Atkins and everything in between, this is the snack for you.


GLUTEN FREE, SOY FREE, VEGAN, NO PALM OIL, GMOs, SUGAR Made in a small-batch dairy-free facility, our ingredients are tested rigorously for quality control, so you can trust what's inside each bag. They are dairy-free, keto and 100% vegan. Ingredients are gluten-free, Non-GMO, zero sugar added, and wheat-free. We stand by our product and offer refunds if someone does not enjoy their experience.


Because its packed with other nuts, like a keto granola bar made with chocolate, it doesn't melt like chocolate bars do during the summertime. We recommend eating this upon opening.



The name for this bar was inspired by a trip taken to Cali, Colombia to visit macadamia nut farms with two of my best friends. Packed packed packed with keto dark chocolate, macadamia, and brazil nuts, our head of production is obsessed with making this bar better every single day. See, we do everything by hand, sorting through ingredients carefully. Thought all macadamia's were the same? Guess again. Thought all chocolate was made equal? No wonder people don't think keto chocolate can even exist...it's because nobody has done it right.

When we first started this journey we were sad we could not find a keto chocolate that we could trust. And then, we realized, for the best things in life, you have to do things harder, go deeper, and achieve often by yourself. So we made this ourselves.

Yours truly,

Keto Wonka