Ketogenic Chocolate

Welcome to KetoDose, powered by Tilin Tilin Chocolate. We’ve scoured the world (the Amazon is our backyard) for the most nutrient dense, cleanest ingredients that will give you the fuel and transparent macros to actually stay in ketosis. We are in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign where you can find some special products that aren't available anywhere in the world yet (nope not even on our own site). 


Its hard for many to initially "understand" Keto. Especially if they do not eat tons of meat. Its painful to start Keto and its easy to get "knocked" out of by eating too many carbs.

  • Our bars make it easy, with less than 3 net carbs, as opposed to 5. And we use decimal points so theres no confusion or "rounding errors."
  • We test our bars for blood sugar changes and ketone changes.
  • We use cacao (50% fat), brazil nuts (66% fat), and macadamias (76% fat) as our core ingredients. Super macros come from this.

Our Kickstarter's goal is to raise enough money to scale out our small handmade production facility and then to scale out production of covering our bars in keto dark chocolate.  Join us on our quest for optimizing keto deliciously and easily.