2 Pounds of Keto Chocolate "Flakes"

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Keto Chocolate made with allulose is an incredible invention. Low carb, high in healthy fats, easy to utilize, and delicious.  So we made artisanal keto chocolate flakes, to sell to you, by the pound. Think of them like upgraded chocolate chips. 

This chocolate is made for

  1. putting into your keto granola 
  2. blending into your keto mocha
  3. using in your keto ganache.
  4. eating on your couch by the handful
  5. putting in your keto cake


When we first started this journey we were sad. We could not find a keto chocolate that we could trust, and we love chocolate. We looked everywhere, for good, healthy keto chocolate. The popular brands, we get it, they make sweet chocolate, but its not what we looked for. We wanted great cacao, and no fillers. At some point, we realized, for the best things in life, you have to truly strive, with that energy that you won't tolerate anything else but excellence. To acheive and reach greater heights. Colombia's story inspires us, the resilience of the people, the wildness of its jungles, and we use cacao from the rainforests of Guaviare, an isolated area known for its Ancient ruins and cave paintings dating back 1000s of years are.

Inspired by this, we looked to make this product as untouched as possible.


30 grams of this chocolate have 1.7 Net Carbs. 


Cacao, allulose. 

Cacao is overlooked as a keto ingredient despite its lower net carb count than almonds. And allulose is pricey. But we think that you deserve the best, that you deserve the flexibility of making chocolate a mainstay in your life again. 


 We've created this 1 pound box that ships next day via Fedex to the USA or locally in Colombia for FREE.  Shipping express from Colombia is kind of a big deal, so to SAVE shipping costs for you, we ship our keto bars, keto chocolate and 

We went no frills here on the packaging, trying this out and seeing if our community likes it. Each pound of keto chocolate is grated into "chocolate flakes", which are easy to melt, and easy to mix into recipes.  This will ship in a beautiful bag that is  made with recycled sugar-cane paper. We minimize on printing and packaging costs to make it available to everyone.


We can't make promises from May to September on these not melting along the way, but we want you to use these in the kitchen, likely, melting them anyway and not as a gift, so we pass along the cost savings to you. However, these do ship via Fedex, which ships via airplane, and is generally protected against large temperature shocks. 


GLUTEN FREE, SOY FREE, VEGAN, NO PALM OIL, GMOs, SUGAR Made in a small-batch dairy-free facility, our ingredients are tested rigorously for quality control, so you can trust what's inside each bag. They are dairy-free, keto and 100% vegan. Ingredients are gluten-free, Non-GMO, zero sugar added, and wheat-free. We stand by our product and offer refunds if someone does not enjoy their experience.


Yours truly,

Keto Wonka