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This is our favorite product to ship.

We make delicious products that are ketogenic, nutrient-dense and plant-based, and we take a look at your interests, the amazing limited edition products we have in stock, and ship you something simply golden.

But, we kind of have an obsession with creation. So, for close friends and family of KetoDose (as well as those who want to have Tilin Tilin shipped to their doors in the USA, Colombia and Canada, check out our $95 Wonka Golden Bundle. We want you to leave us a comment for what you want us to send you, with any preferences, and let us take care of the shipping and send you the best of what we have. Shipping to the USA and Canada costs about $20, and you'll get between 20-30 products. Our Double-Golden is a bit bigger and I like it more. 


Simply drop us a comment responding KETO, or PALEO or MIXED, with SWEETER (sweeter products on the sweetness scale) or DARKER (less sweet, more granola-y/bitter dark chocolate on the sweetness scale) and we will do the rest.

Some examples of offerings we will ship that are not pictured on our site


Keto 40 Gram 70% Chocolate Bars sweetened with Allulose 

Keto Macadamia Nut Granola (soon to be released shhh)

Macadamia, Matcha and Hemp Keto Bars

MCT Coffee Keto Cacao Nibs (yep..soon to be released)



Guandolo Lemon and Sea Salt Chocolate Bars (30 grams)

Rooibos and Roses Chocolate Bars (30 grams) 


Vegan White Chocolate with Turmeric Chocolate Bars (30 grams)

Ancestral Almond Chocolate Bars (30 grams) 

Golden Milk Hot Chocolate (160 gram chocolate flaked kit)


Chances are, if you are selecting these kits, you know the quality, and love with which we are known for, and rest assured we will send that to you via Fedex, packaged with good vibes, crisp macros, and an air of greatness.



GLUTEN FREE, SOY FREE, VEGAN, NO PALM OIL, GMOs, SUGAR Made in a small-batch dairy-free facility, our ingredients are tested rigorously for quality control, so you can trust what's inside each bag. They are dairy-free, keto OR paleo and 100% vegan. Ingredients are gluten-free, Non-GMO, zero sugar added, and wheat-free. We stand by our product and offer refunds if someone does not enjoy their experience.

Yours truly,

Keto Wonka