Cauliflower Sweet Tortilla Tacos

Cauliflower Sweet Tortilla Tacos


The macros for 1 TACO are 3.8G Net Carbs7.0G Fat, and 5.3G Protein.

The Net Carbs can be lowered considerably by reducing the blueberries in the recipe.


 Cauliflower, with its incredibly neutral taste and vitamin B load is an incredibly moldable food. Here, we find its use in tortillas that are then used for a sweet taco. These tortillas have considerable protein in them, so please choose the “filling” for your taco based on your protein needs. I’ve added a recipe for sweet tacos.

Total time

 Prep/Cooking: 45 mins 

Utensils needed

Milkbag, Large pot for Cauliflower, Large bowl for tortilla ingredients, Wax Paper to make Tortillas (very necessary). Cappuccino-size cup to make tortillas from the cauliflower mass.

The recipe has 2-3 servings, so divide Macros by 2-3.


Sweet Keto Tacos



Taco Shells 

5G Baking Powder 

700-750 Grams of fresh Cauliflower

10G of salt
17G of Flaxmeal
1 Flax egg = 9G of Flaxmeal for the
Flax Egg with 45G hot water + 2G salt. 

Taco Filling 

(this will bring the total of ingredients if you make this from scratch to 7, putting this at high difficulty and complexity):

160 grams firm tofu
200 grams mashed avocados (2 medium avocados)
96 grams blueberries
40 grams Keto cacao nibs Lemon juice

Cooking Instructions

1. Chop the cauliflower into approximately 1-inch pieces, and boil the cauliflower in water with 10G salt for about 20 minutes. Alternatively, use a microwave for 3 minutes with water to steam.

2. Then in the Ninja, please blend the cauliflower into a very fine quinoa-like texture. Make sure no large pieces remain as they will ruin our tortillas if so.

3. We will use our milkbag to be able to get the water from the cauliflower out, by depositing the contents in the mailbag and squeezing until only the cauliflower meal remains. The cauliflower will go from being about 750 Grams to about 200 Grams (3.75:1 proportion) due to the loss of water.

4. We will make what's called a “Flax Egg.” A flax egg is ground flax seeds (you can buy them ground or grind them yourself, both yellow and brown flax seeds will work), mixed with warm water, and let to sit until it coagulates. We call this an egg because it has the properties of binding ingredients together just as eggs do in various recipes.

5. Place the cauliflower meal in a large bowl, and add the flax meal, the flax egg, baking powder, and salt to the mixture. 6. Form balls of this mixture that are 30 grams each. These balls we will then flatten on wax paper.

7. Take your cappuccino cup and put it upside down. We will use it as a mold to be able to make tortillas from the cauliflower. Within this mixture, we have enough for 8 tortillas.

8. We will then on medium heat, without any oil with a stick-free pan, cook the tortillas about 2-3 minutes on each side. The pan will get hotter over time, so be conscious of that in terms of timing - your last tortillas will need slightly lower heat.

9. Let the tortillas cool, then mash two avocados, and apply them to the tortillas. Chop tofu, and distribute throughout the tacos, add blueberries and keto cacao nibs and a hint of lemon juice for some of the most fascinating tacos you have ever had.